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ZamZam Dialer

4.2 ( 2112 ratings )
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Developer: Techwagen consultancy services private limited

ZamZam is a smart mobile VoIP application designed for iOS device users. Using this app, end users will be able to make high quality VoIP calls at low rates. The in-built technology of ZamZam allows it to process calls even in low bandwidth regions. End users who are vexed with call drops, jitter, and bandwidth issues can try ZamZam for a change and feel the difference. The mobile application becomes interesting with every use.
What’s in it?
In-built noise and echo cancellation system
SIP softswitch compatibility
Codecs: G729, PCMU, PCMA
Address book integration
NAT Traversal on Private IP
Real-time SIP status message
SIP signaling
Download ZamZam on your favorite iOS device and explore more features.